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Canadian Relations Support Program

Call for Proposals – 2021-2022

Creation or reinforcement of pan-Canadian structures or networks involving the participation of an organisation from Québec

The Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes (SQRC) is inviting civil society organisations throughout Québec and Canada to submit grant proposals to the Canadian Relations Support Program (PARC). Now open, the Program seeks to offer support to the bilateral, multilateral, or pancanadian activities of civil society organisations based in Québec or Canada.

A call for proposals is now open for
Tier 2: Canadian networks.

Tier 2:  Canadian networks primarily supports the holding of activities enabling organizations from Québec to create or join pan-Canadian networks, thus fostering exchanges between Quebecers and other Canadians (for example, networks, forums, debate activities, summer schools). These projects should enable organizations from Québec to play an active role in these networks.

We welcome all projects, in any field, that aim to achieve these objectives. However, this year particular attention will be given to the following:

  • Projects which allow organisations from Québec to contribute towards collaborations or pan-Canadian networks linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the management of its consequences, and to the transformation of our society during and after the crisis.
  • Projects which encourage the development and realisation of Québec-Canada youth initiatives.

COVID note: It is important that organisations from Québec continue to participate in pan-Canadian exchanges during the ongoing health crisis. However, we must all do our part in the fight against COVID-19. For this reason, all projects submitted to the PARC must demonstrate their capacity to respect the health guidelines in force at the time of their event, and should plan for different scenarios in this respect. We encourage the use of technology where appropriate to facilitate exchanges during these unusual times.

Projects must be submitted by 5pm
on Friday the 10th of September 2021.

A second call for proposals will open towards the end of Autumn 2021, if funds allow.

Sought-after projects:

A typical Tier 2 project involves two or more partners from different provinces or territories and seeks to create or reinforce an exchange network. This project could be in any field. The organisations involved may be well-established in their field, or they may be new to the Canadian scene and seeking to establish themselves. For reference, two examples of projects supported by PARC’s Tier 2 are provided below:

  • Creation of a new network of innovation ecosystems: the Canadian Innovation Ecosystem Gathering
    Mangrove and Platform Calgary (Call for proposals 2019)

    This partnership-based project established a new network for the sharing of expertise between innovation ecosystems across Canada. The Canadian Innovation Ecosystem Gathering aims to identify the various obstacles which act as a brake on innovation, as well as identify new entrepreneurial opportunities.  A joint creation of Montreal-based Mangrove, and Platform Calgary, two OBNLs dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in their home cities, the network seeks to bring together various economic actors such as research chairs, universities, accelerators, incubators, investment funds, venture capital funds, and enterprises to share their different realities and promote innovation. An online platform was also developed by the group to sustain the network and to promote ongoing dialogue. Find out more about this PARC-supported project in economic development at

  • Creation of a new network of film and television commissions: Canadian Film & Television Commissions
    Quebec Film & Television Council and the Vancouver Economic Commission/Vancouver Film Commission (Call for proposals 2018)

    This project, born of a partnership between the Québec Film & Television Council, and the Vancouver Film Commission, laid the cornerstone of a new pan-Canadian expertise-sharing network, the Canadian Film & Television Commissions. During the course of the project, four summits in four cities brought together a number of film and television commissions representing different provinces, territories, and cities from across Canada. The network aims to facilitate the exchange of television and film-production expertise between the provinces and territories, and to encourage productions within Canada through a unified effort to attract international business. Learn more about this PARC-supported cultural and economic project at

For more information concerning the Program, other examples of the types of projects supported, and to read about the procedure for submitting an application for funding, please see the  Program's web page. Organisations wishing to submit an application for funding should consult the forms available on our website.

The PARC program also has another tier, Tier 1: Exchange of Expertise, for which organisations wishing to submit a proposal may continue to do so at any time, depending on the availability of funds. This other tier of the program provides support primarily for exchanges of expertise between experts from Québec and experts from elsewhere in Canada. We aim to encourage the creation of activities that contribute to the transfer of expertise between Québec and the other provinces and territories, as well as promoting expertise from within Québec. These activities may take place in Québec or in Canada. This tier of the program accepts proposals throughout the year. 

Questions or requests for information should be addressed to the Direction de la Francophonie, de la réflexion stratégique et des affaires publiques canadiennes.


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