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Representation of Québec in Canada

The Québec government has a representation network in Canada comprising three offices located in Toronto, Ottawa and Moncton.

Carte représentant les diverses provinces que représente chacun des bureaux du Québec

The Toronto office covers provinces and territories west of Québec and the Moncton office covers the Atlantic provinces. Each office is under the responsibility of a Head.

These offices are mandated to ensure a Québec government institutional presence within other Canadian governments. In addition to maintaining intergovernmental relations, the offices are also responsible for safeguarding and promoting Québec's political, economic, tourism, social and cultural interests. As such, they represent and promote the province by disseminating a realistic, dynamic and factual picture of Québec society. They inform and advise Québec government authorities on the major political and economic issues in their territory, and they establish and maintain close and active ties with Canada's francophone and Acadian communities. Lastly, they play an active role in implementing the Québec Policy on the Canadian Francophonie, by fostering initiatives that will help contribute to the vitality and sustainability of the French language and culture throughout the country.