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Constitutional and Intergovernmental Positions Adopted by Québec

The document titled Québec's Positions on Constitutional and Intergovernmental Issues lists and describes the positions and recommendations formulated by Québec governments in regard to Québec's status and constitutional powers and to intergovernmental issues. It stems from an initial study carried out by the Ministère des Affaires intergouvernementales du Québec in 1978 on Québec's positions regarding the distribution of powers, as well as from Quebec’s Traditional Constitutional Positions (1936–1990), which was published in 1991 by the Secrétariat aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes (SAIC).

Québec's Positions on Constitutional and Intergovernmental Issues from 1936 to March 2001, issued in 2001, is a revised and expanded edition of the studies published in 1978 and 1991. As for the Positions du Québec dans les domaines constitutionnel et intergouvernemental de 2001 à 2018 (in French), it is the continuation of the document published in 2001.