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Today, Québec can offer a clear definition of the place it intends to occupy in Canada. Its affirmation states what we are and specifies the elements on which it is founded and the conditions needed for it to achieve its full potential.

The identity of a vast majority of Quebecers, deeply rooted in the history of our nation, combines an allegiance to Québec with a sense of belonging to Canada. It also includes a desire to cooperate with other Canadians on defining projects for the future. Québec progresses when it builds bridges with its partners in the Federation rather than putting up walls. This is the spirit that will guide its participation in Canada’s future.

The Canadian federal model, which can still be improved, holds great promise for the future, because it is rooted in the very idea of a plurinational state and a willingness to live together while respecting diversity. Any process designed to allow Québec’s full adhesion to the constitutional order must, however, be realistic and prudent, and must be seen as the end-point of a dialogue to strengthen the trust, still all too fragile, between the federative partners.

Québec hopes to participate fully in the dialogue about our joint future, while reminding our federative partners of the essence of Québec’s difference. A new government structure will be created and proactive diplomacy will be deployed to ensure that Québec’s vision is genuinely heard and understood.

Our actions will support the affirmation of our nationhood and our sense of belonging to Canada. We must make our voice heard, in order to be better understood.

We are Quebecers, and this is our way of being Canadian.

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