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Organization Chart

Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie
Jean-François Roberge

Agency thatreports to the Minister
Centre de la francophonie des Amériques

  • Associate General Secretary for Canadian Relations,
    Gilbert Charland
    • Director of the Associate General Secretary’s Office
      Julien Domingue (Acting)
    • Assistant Secretary for Canadian Intergovernmental Relations,
      Jean-Pierre Forgues
      • Direction des relations intergouvernementales,
        Véronique Meloche (Acting)
    • Assistant Secretary for Institutional and Constitutional Policies,
      Suzanne Levesque
      • Direction des politiques institutionnelles et constitutionnelles,
        Pierre Vallée, director
    • Assistant Secretary for Canadian Francophone Affairs, Strategy and Public Diplomacy,
      Éric Marquis
      • Direction de la francophonie, de la réflexion stratégique et des affaires publiques canadiennes,
        Marianne Bonnard, director
      • Bureau du Québec à Toronto,
        Catherine Tadros, head
      • Bureau du Québec à Ottawa,
        Mario Lavoie, head and Special Government Advisor on Canadian Relations
      • Bureau du Québec dans les Provinces atlantiques,
        Maud-Andrée Lefebvre, head

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