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Background, Mandate and Activity Sectors


The Québec government has been present in Ottawa since 1908, when the Québec Premier of the time, Lomer Gouin, appointed the first representative to maintain relations with the federal government. Initially, the representative’s mandate was to ensure that Québec obtained its fair share of naval construction contracts in the wake of the Naval Service Act of 1910, which established Canada’s Navy, and Arthur Globensky was the first person appointed to the position.

It was only at a later period, in 1984, that the government decided to consolidate its presence by setting up theBureau du Québec à Ottawa (Ottawa office) . The Ottawa office’s activities centred mainly on strategic monitoring and representing Québec’s interests in dealings with the federal government, other political and economic stakeholders, and organizations and think-tanks based in Ottawa.

On September 17, 2019, the Premier of Québec, François Legault, accompanied by the Minister Responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie, Sonia LeBel, announced the reopening of the Bureau du Québec à Ottawa, which had closed in 2015, to defend and promote Québec’s interests, especially in the economic arena, in the federal capital.


The Ottawa office has a broad mandate to maintain links with the federal government, federal institutions including Parliament, the Canadian Francophonie, public policy associations and institutes, and the academic world.

It is also responsible for keeping the Québec government abreast of federal government policy and, conversely, informing stakeholders on Parliament Hill in Ottawa about the priorities and public policy choices of the Québec government. It liaises with the press gallery in Ottawa to ensure that media outlets are suitably informed about Québec government policies and decisions.

The Ottawa office has a significant economic and commercial mandate, ensuring that Québec companies are aware of the possibilities offered by federal contracts and programs, and promoting Québec’s assets and strengths as one of the world’s best destinations for investment.

Another part of its mandate involves developing ties with the economic services of the foreign embassies present in Ottawa.

The Ottawa office works closely with the other Québec offices in Canada, and in particular with the Toronto office, to promote Québec’s economic and cultural outreach.

The Ottawa office reports to the Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes, part of the Ministère du Conseil exécutif, which is headed by the Premier of Québec.

Sectors of activity 

Intergovernmental and institutional relations

The Bureau du Québec à Ottawa constantly updates Canadian parliamentarians and the Canadian government on the policies and positions of the Québec government.

It also monitors activities and debates in the federal capital on topics of interest to the Québec government.

Economic and commercial development

The Bureau du Québec à Ottawa is responsible for advising Québec companies on their business approach, informing them of prospects in Ottawa, and highlighting Québec’s assets and strengths as a key destination for investment.

Communications and public affairs

The Bureau du Québec à Ottawa disseminates factual information about Québec. It also liaises with the press gallery in Ottawa to ensure that media outlets are suitable informed about Québec government policies and decisions.

Last, it organizes public affairs events to support the other facets of its mandate.