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A message from the Minister

As Minister responsible for Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes (SQRC).

Québec's actions on the Canadian stage take place in a unique historical context, and the SQRC plays therein a central role. By safeguarding Québec's interests and constitutional powers, and coordinating government actions in the field of Canadian relations, the SQRC contributes  to the promotion of Québec's positions and specificity within the Canadian federation.

In my view, the building of a constructive relationship with our federative partners, based on open-mindedness and dialogue, offers the best way to advance Québec's vision, and I intend to dedicate myself wholly to this mission. My goal is  to give priority to issues where we can make a positive contribution to strengthening the Québec-Canada relationship while defending Québec's own positions and constitutional powers.

One of the main goals I have set myself is to ensure that Québec plays a more prominent role in several key areas, including the economy,  through the reduction of  barriers impeding interprovincial trade. The promotion of our business community and know-how elsewhere in Canada also fosters closer economic, cultural and social relationships with our federative partners. In this regard, our offices in Toronto, in Vancouver, and in the Atlantic Provinces are key for our actions on the Canadian stage.

The Canadian Francophonie is equally at the heart of my mission.. The initiatives taken by our government to support the Canadian Francophonie and cooperation with partners in government and civil society ensure the promotion and the valorisation of the French fact in Canada.

In closing, I invite you to scroll through the pages of the SQRC website, which contain a wealth of fascinating information on Québec and its history, as well as on our support programs. The website also provides other useful and relevant information to better understand the actions of the Government of Québec on the Canadian stage.

Sonia LeBel
Ministre responsable des Relations canadiennes et de la Francophonie canadienne