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Summary of the Québec Policy on the Canadian Francophonie

The promotion of the French language throughout Canada and the continent is an essential element for Québec’s political, economic, social and cultural prosperity. Rooted in history but essentially turned towards the future, the Québec Policy on the Canadian Francophonie is an indication that Québec intends to play a significant role within the Canadian Francophonie, and a recognition of the fact that the Francophone and Acadian communities, as well as Francophone immigrants and Francophiles, are extremely important interlocutors and actors for the protection and promotion of the French fact in North America.

Our Principles and Our Values

The vision that the Government of Québec wishes to advance is based on two principles:

  1. Francophones must strengthen their ties. Aware of their strength, but vulnerable when divided, Francophones in Québec and in the rest of Canada must strengthen their ties and establish solid and concrete partnerships to increase their presence and their influence across the country.
  2. Quebec must play a unifying leadership role. Because Québec is at the heart of the Canadian Francophonie and constitutes the only Francophone state in North America, it has a special responsibility towards the Francophone and Acadian communities, namely to play a more active role and to exercise leadership in rallying and bringing these communities together, while respecting their diversity.

The Policy also affirms a number of values shared by all Francophones:

  • the belief that action and innovation will open new avenues for the protection and promotion of the French fact in Canada and the Americas;
  • the search for justice and equity, expressed as the desire to protect and sponsor cultural diversity and the French language in Canada, the Americas and the world;
  • the promotion of diversity and solidarity, two essential ingredients in the preservation of Canada’s linguistic and cultural plurality.

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Areas of Collaboration

Québec envisages several concrete actions under the new Policy. The key sectors of culture and communications, education, economic development and health will continue to be the object of priority interventions.

However, the Government of Québec wishes to broaden the field of application of its Policy to include other sectors that are also vital for the future of the Canadian Francophonie. Thus, actions reinforcing the promotion of French in domains such as early childhood, youth, immigration, justice, sustainable development and information technologies will be supported.

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Action Levers

The preservation and development of new areas of collaboration call for the optimal use of several action levers:

  • Partnerships and networking.
  • The Comité interministériel québécois sur la francophonie canadienne, created to enable all ministries and departments of the Government of Québec to contribute in concrete terms, to the promotion and implementation of the new Policy.
  • The knowledge and advice of Québec’s offices in Canada.
  • Information exchanges and the transfer of expertise between Québec and the governments of the other provinces and territories, notably through the Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie.
  • Collaboration of Québec with the federal government on the issue of Canadian Francophonie, while respecting their own juridictions.
  • Programs of financial support.
  • The creation of a Canadian Francophonie Day in Québec.
  • The establishment of the Centre de la Francophonie des Amériques.

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Mechanisms for Constructive and Sustainable Dialogue

The implementation of the Policy will be assured through renewed and dynamic cooperation mechanisms.

The Government of Québec wants to create a common ground with the communities and the Québec civil society regarding the major objectives to ensure the promotion of the French fact. New  avenues or forums for dialogue and exchange are being established, such as a Youth Committee, regional committees, a pan-Canadian Committee and a Francophonie Forum.

In this way, the Policy should encourage the strengthening of relations between Québec and the Francophone and Acadian communities, while adapting government action to the new Canadian, continental and world contexts.

With the new Québec Policy on the Canadian Francophonie, Québec is choosing to commit itself, with enthusiasm, confidence and determination, to the future of the Canadian Francophonie. Québecers will use their unique institutions and culture to promote cultural diversity and the French language in Canada and in the Americas. It is now up to all Francophones and Francophiles, whether they live in Québec or elsewhere in Canada, to show their solidarity and their pride in speaking French, because, more than ever, a common destiny unites them and a common interest moves them towards the future… in French.

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